Disney+ Reveals 2023 X-Men Reboot Easter Egg In Doctor Strange 2

Marvel's latest theatrical hit, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, has officially landed on Disney+! The dimension-hopping MCU epic sees Dr. Stephen Strange and teenaged tagalong America Chavez traveling between parallel universes and exploring the Multiverse.

It is on Earth-838 that Strange and Chavez are apprehended by the Illuminati, a "meeting-of-the-minds" style team of superheroes who convene to make decisions that shape the fate of their world.

Included in this group were the Fantastic Four's Reed Richards, Inhuman King Black Bolt, and Professor Charles Xavier, mentor to Marvel's merry band of mutants known as the X-Men.

An X-Men '97 Easter Egg in Doctor Strange Now, in Multiverse of Madness, Professor X was played by Sir Patrick Stewart, who is famous for portraying the character in the X-Men

Marvel Studios now owns said X-Men films and their rights, setting the stage for a rebooted X-Men team to eventually make their way to the MCU.

But seemingly separately from that, Marvel Studios is working on an animated series, a continuation of the original X-Men cartoon from the 1990s.

It's called X-Men '97 and it actually has a connection to Doctor Strange 2.

The Animated Series theme is heard when Charles appears on-screen, but according to the official closed captions provided by Disney+, it's meant as a bit of an Easter egg.

the theme song played is actually supposed to be that of X-Men '97, the Marvel Studios-produced reboot/revival of the original animated series.